Training and advisory

Ensuring staff, board members, clients and third parties are aware and up to date with the latest policy changes and key regulatory developments in all topics related to Governance, Anti Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorist Financing FATF Recommendations, Fintech/Crypto, Compliance, Cybersecurity, Third Party Risk, Corporate Social Responsibility , Diversity, Inclusion, Company Secretary Roles , Board Evaluation, Business Ethics, Anti Bribery and corruption Business Communication and Soft Skills.

Cyber security measures

We are a company that offers compliance with cyber security framework which enables your company to be ready and alert for  Cyber threats and breaches.

Corporate Governance

Improving Corporate Governance through effective board management, internal audit and internal control processes.

Frameworks and Risk mitigation

Building effective compliance, Anti Money Laundering, Counter-Terrorist Financing, Corporate Governance,  Anti Bribery and Corruption, Cyber security, CSR, Diversity, and Inclusion frameworks and risk mitigation programs.

Opportunities don't happen.You create them.

Why HBA Consultancy?

Hala Bou Alwan Consultancy is a specialized firm committed to delivering Advisory & training expertise in fields such as Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering, Counter Terrorist Financing, Sanctions, Cyber security, Business Ethics, Crypto/ Fintech compliance , Financial Action Task Force Recommendations, Corporate governance, Anti-bribery and Corruption, Third Party Risk, Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainable Development Goals , Company Secretary Roles, Board Evaluation, Business Ethics, Business Communication and Soft Skills.

The Founder/Managing Director

Hala is the Founder and CEO of Hala Bou Alwan (HBA) Consultancy firm specialized in Governance, Compliance, CSR, AI & Financial and Cyber crimes’ advisory and training. In addition to this, Hala is the Co – Founder of H.A.D Consultants specialized in self – empowerment events adhering to the UN Sustainability Developments Goals.

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