About HBA

“At HBA we believe in partnerships and long term relationships”
Hala Bou Alwan
Founder and CEO

Welcome to Hala Bou Alwan Consultancy

Hala Bou Alwan Consultancy is a specialized firm committed to delivering Advisory & training expertise in fields such as Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering, Counter Terrorist Financing, Sanctions, Cyber security, Business Ethics, Crypto/ Fintech compliance , Financial Action Task Force Recommendations, Corporate governance, Anti-bribery and Corruption, Third Party Risk, Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainable Development Goals , Company Secretary Roles, Board Evaluation, Business Ethics, Business Communication and Soft Skills.

Our Mission & Vision


HBA’s mission is to

  • Satisfy compliance, governance & regulatory requirements to grow and enforce both private & public sectors’ missions & visions
  • Equip private & public sector to become proactively mitigating financial crimes, cybercrimes and other related issues Empower private & public sector to better implement governance & CSR, sustainability development goals
  • Maximize awareness on these areas through advisory , trainings and knowledge sharing
  • Encourage partnerships for solid combatting of financial crimes, cybercrimes & other related crimes


A region free of financial crimes & cyber crimes, rich in efficient governance & compliance framework, & powerful in Corporate social responsibility.

Founder and CEO

Hala is the Founder and CEO of Hala Bou Alwan (HBA) Consultancy firm specialised in Governance, Compliance, CSR, AI & Financial and Cyber crimes’ advisory and training. In addition to this, Hala is the Co – Founder of H.A.D Consultants specialised in self – empowerment events adhering to the UN Sustainability Developments Goals.

She is a lawyer, member of the Lebanese Lawyers’ Bar Association who holds dual Masters degrees LLM specialised in Artificial intelligence & Law from Universite La Sagesse, Lebanon and another Master’s degree ELLM in International Business Law from Boston University USA. Hala as well is a member at the Arab Monetary Fund Regional Fintech Working Group, a contributor at Forbes Middle East, and registered Trainer and speaker at several Governmental Authorities & highly reputable organisations including Union of Arab Securities Authority, IOSCO – International Organisation for Securities Commissions , Thomson Reuters , Forbes Middle East, Capital Markets Authorities and many more.

She is an Advisory Board member at the British University in Dubai – Faculty of Business and Law She has more than 19 years’ of success helping Regulators, Governments, Boards and high-profile organizations pave their Governance, Compliance, CSR , Financial and Cybercrimes mitigation roadmaps.

She is an International speaker, thought leader, trainer and author of many articles , interviews , research papers ( published by Boston & Cambridge Universities) & events across the globe . Nine years prior to establishing her own firm in 2018, Hala led two senior roles at Thomson Reuters , the Market Development for Financial Crimes business across Emerging Markets globally & The Advisory and Educational Governance Risk and compliance Business across EMEA & Asia.

Prior to this, Hala was the TSME – DIFC Compliance Consultant – Authorised by Dubai Financial Services Authority, before that Hala was the Head of the Anti-Financial crimes at BLOM Bank France , and prior to that legal Consultant at Raja Bou Alwan Law firm & IP compliance Officer at United Nations -UNDP .


HBA Team

We are a diversified team of subject matter experts, officers, investigators, regulators, lawyers, and consultants. We have practical expertise in addition to the regulatory and legal experience.

We offer our services in English and Arabic

We partner with you and your organization to customize our services to your needs!